Q & A

Here is a sample of the kind of questions that we at CPI Moling are often asked:

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  1. Question : Why replace my old water supply? Answer
  2. Question : Am I responsible for the water supply pipe to my house? Answer
  3. Question : What are the benefits of moling? Answer
  4. Question : Where is my stopcock? Answer
  5. Question : How do I know if my supply is lead? Answer
  6. Question : The water coming out of my tap is discoloured or rusty. Answer
  7. Question : I am on a water meter and my bills seem very high. What can I do? Answer
  8. Question : Do I need to tell my local water authority if I want to install a new supply pipe? Answer
  9. Question : I have a water leak as I can see water coming up through the ground. Am I insured for the cost of the repair or replacement? Answer
  10. Question : I have heard about moling or no dig technology to replace my water pipe. Is this very expensive? Answer

Should you have any further questions please contact us for free no obligation assistance. CPI have over 40 years’ experience within the utility sector and we are happy to help with any questions you may have.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.