Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX

Project at Brighton Marina

This installation was required due to the large build up of silt that had collected over the years in the marina, preventing access for larger vessels. The risk of falling in the water, plus floating pontoons, made sure this wasn’t the easiest install, as during the fusion process all pipework must remain still to prevent leaking joints. Not only that but all pipework had to be carried out to a specific size and length, because of the weight and manoeuvrability on these small pontoons. Equipped with life jackets and after much planning we were able to complete pipework, ready for connections to pumping system and from there connection to a vast section of undersea pipework, that had been carried out using deep sea divers, to allow for the silt to be pumped out to sea.

Project at a School in Hampshire

This was a project carried out in a small walled garden of a school, with minimal movement for plant and materials. This trench was over a meter wide as the installation was for a new gas supply and heating pipework, from an out building converted to a new boiler room. The school were pleased with the final result as we had managed to avoid damaging existing pathways and walls, even removing and replant the flowers and shrubs on the route.

Project at a School in West Sussex

We carried out all trenchworks and the installed a new 90mm Gas Service, from new meter location and reducing to 63mm before carrying out building entry. This was a small local project carried out during the school break, and completed with minimal disruption. The trench was backfilled and completed with a black hot lay tarmac. Final connections were then completed at a later date once the internals and new meter install had been completed.

Project at a School in Surrey

On this project we the open trench works with the installation of a new gas service. All backfill and reinstatement we completed within a tight timescale to prevent delays to the internals works completed via the main contractor.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.

Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
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Ongoing and New Works - Telephone: 01243 864765.
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