Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX

Questions to - and Answers from - CPI Moling

Here is a sample of the kind of questions that we at CPI MOLING are often asked:

In a modern dwelling there is now more often a requirement for higher flow rates and pressures due to the installation of systems such as mega flow boilers. New MDPE services can have a flow rate several times greater than traditional metal pipes.

Yes, you are responsible for the water pipe on your land. All pipework outside of your property boundary is the responsibility of your water provider.

  • It's faster than trenching
  • Less disruptive and allows continuous pedestrian traffic flow
  • Saves on sometimes costly reinstatement (block paving or tarmac etc)
  • Can be used where trenching is not possible
  • Environmentally and socially beneficial

Your stopcock is usually located under the kitchen sink or under the stairs but not always. It is a good idea to know, in case of an emergency this will save you time and more importantly damage to your property.

The easiest and most practical way to determine this is by looking at the pipe as it enters your property, if the pipe entering the valve is not blue or black it will be lead or iron. If you are still unsure scratch the surface if it is shiny metal in will most likely be lead.

There are a few reasons for this problem. The first is that the supply pipe to your house may be made of iron. If accessible, you should check under the internal stopcock valve to determine what material the pipe is made from. The other most common cause is that the pipes in your house are of a dissimilar material such as steel connected to copper. If this is the case there will be a reaction between the dissimilar pipes where they join & the steel pipe will be rusting inside. This is called an electrolytic reaction & you will need to remove all the old steel pipes.

Turn off all the water in your house and look at the water meter in your stopcock chamber. If the meter is still moving you probably have a water leak.

Although your local water authority are not responsible for the supply pipe on your land, it is very important that they know that the pipe has been laid correctly & at the correct depth to avoid frost damage. You must inform your water authority who will want to inspect your trench and pipe work if you are not using an accyellowited water industry approved installer.

You will need to refer to your insurance policy as not all insurers cover this. If in doubt, contact your insurer. There are many genuine reasons why your pipe might be leaking that are coveyellow through another part of the policy. Remember that on all Insurance claims you will have to pay your excess and that after your claim your premiums may increase. In the long term it could work out to be more costly through insurance.

No. Moling or thrust boring is the most cost effective method of replacing or installing new underground pipes. With this method you do not need to dig long trenches, remove surplus soil or carry out large areas of reinstatement to concrete, slabs or block paving etc. This method is also much quicker than trenching, causes less disturbance and is therefore cheaper.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.

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