Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX

Water Installation

CPI Moling are accredited to carry out all waterworks on the consumer side of the primary meter. All our operatives are National Water Hygiene accredited and WIAPS approved ground workers. Our fully qualified technicians undertake a wide range of services, from pipe tracing and locating leaks, to carrying out hydrostatic testing and chlorination’s of water mains.

Groundbreaker Box

Groundbreakers are designed to provide water control and metering for domestic and light commercial properties. They are a perfect home for ‘smart’ reading systems, equalling increased range and accessibility.

For use on new building projects, lead pipe and water service replacements, water meter locations and water services to park homes and caravans.

New Installation

We install new Water pipes ranging from 20mm all the way up to 630mm. Pipe can be mechanically jointed, electro-fused or butt welded with the best solution found for your requirements.

Moling (Thrust-Boring)

Trenchless Technology, or Moling as it is more commonly called, is a method of installing new pipes, cables and ducts without the need for continuous and potentially highly damaging open trenches. Instead, Moling requires comparatively small pits, which are excavated at approximately 10 meter intervals. The "Mole" is then used to connect them. Greater distances can be undertaken but a site assessment would be required to ascertain the suitability of the ground.

The Moling process is specifically designed to be far less intrusive and can often lead to a significant saving in time and therefore costs on labour and reinstatement. This technology can be of particular benefit to Heritage sites where any disturbance is always a very sensitive issue.

Leak Detection

Using our leak detection equipment we are able to pin point a leak to around a metre of its location saving you time and money on unnecessary excavations.

HydroStatic Testing

On completion of our installation we will test our pipework in accordance with the WRAS guidelines and issue certification.

Water Meter Installations

We are able to install secondary water meters for landlords, councils, hospitals and housing associations. Metering is also available by BMS or remote reading. This means you can read the meter without having to attend the location where the meter is housed.

High Water Investigation Reports

We offer an investigation service for all metered premises to ascertain as to why the property is using an increased amount of water through the primary meter. This service is extremely useful for premises such as schools, colleges and hospitals. On completion of the investigation a full written report will be issued highlighting any problems found and our recommendations.

Domestic Service Relays

In modern domestic dwellings it is more and more often becoming the requirement for higher flow rates and pressures, for systems such as mega flow boilers (32mm recommended). A new 25mm MDPE service pipe will have a flow rate several times greater than most traditional metal pipes.

Geothermal Installations

At depths below 6 feet, ground temperature stays a constant 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit year round. A geothermal system absorbs this extra heat from the earth and transfers it into your home. The fluid circulates continuously inside the buried pipe, absorbing heat from the earth for use inside your home or business after passing through a heat exchanger.


Chlorination plays a vital part in water hygiene, all new mains above 50mm require chlorination and samples to be taken and analysed in a laboratory before a mains connection can be made by the local water authority. On completion of our chlorination we will issue you with a certificate and forward you a report from the water sample.


With our experienced and qualified groundwork teams and engineers, we are able to install all required above and below ground utility pipework for all major building projects.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.

Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
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